Air Compressors, dryers, vessels and parts

Air Compressors, dryers, vessels and parts

The compressor might be the most important part of your company.
‘Without air, your company stands still.’

Therefore, choosing the right compressor is very important, does the compressor fit your operations? A compressor that is too large has overcapacity and therefore costs more money than necessary. One that is too small cannot meet your needs, therefore makes too many running hours which can cause breakdowns and wear and tear.

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If you are going to use a compressor occasionally, for example for a particular air tool. Then a piston compressor is usually the best choice. When the compressor needs to produce air continuously, for driving machines for example, a screw compressor is often the most efficient and suitable solution.

Pneuparts offers a professional range of compressors for the professional. The parts are suitable for different brands of compressors. To get your compressed air dry and moisture-free, penuparts has a range of dryers that get this done with ease, whether it is a refrigeration dryer or freeze dryer an adsorption dryer or membrane dryer we have it. Compressed air tanks or boilers we have sprayed or galvanised in all shapes and sizes, even stainless steel. When compressed air is created you also create moisture to drain it off before we dry it, pneuparts has a wide range of condensate drains that drain tanks or filter systems in time or suspended. If the pressure is too low and you want to increase it temporarily, our range of pre-pressure boosters is a solution. Raising a tyre to 9 bar while you only have 8 bar on the grid is no problem for these pressure boosters, but we also raise the pressure from 10 to 20 bar or even 40 bar with ease.


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