3-part air units, Pneuparts model series 0, 800 l/min


3-part air units, Pneuparts model series 0, 800 l/min

Filter, self-relieving pressure regulator, with attached lubricator 

Body: Grivory®, spring hood: POM, diaphragms and seals: NBR, container: Polycarbonate 

Temperature range: 
-10°C to max. +50°C 

Input pressure: 
1.5 - 16 bar (model series 0: 1.5 - 12 bar) 

Condensate draining: 

Pressure gauge connection: 
G 1/4" 

Pore width in the filter: 
5 µm 

Compressed air, neutral gases 

•Automatic venting in the event of overpressure on the secondary side, •Easy assembly of individual components using coupling kits within a model series, •Hand wheel can be locked by pressing down on it and bolted with a lock - please use the VHS 20, •Semi-automatic oil filling by attaching a hose to the bottom on the oil bowl (G 1/8"). When the oil fill button is pressed, oil from the container will be sucked through the hose (not model series 0). 

Max. condensate amount: 
16 cm³ 

Switch panel thread: 
M 30 x 1,5 

Scope of delivery: 
Air unit, including pressure gauge 

Oil metering at 1000 l/min: 
approx. 10 - 20 drops/min 

Oil supply: 
35 cm³ 

Lubricator reaction limit (at 6 bar): 
26 l/min 

Version with metal bowl and without inspection tube -M, automatic discharge -AM, automatic discharge closed when not pressurised (0 to 12 bar) -AMNC

*Standard series, please use in preference, as the regulation range is universally applicable, **as soon as the inlet pressure falls below the minimum input pressure, the drain valve opens automatically. The semi-automatic drain valve can be prevented from opening by screwing the drain screw tight, ***installation of a standard pressure gauge only possible with a pressure gauge adapter, display range of the compact pressure gauge: 0 to 12 bar, or 0 to 6 bar


Maintenance unit 3-part Pneuparts series 0, 800 l / minSwitch symbol

Pressure regulation area (bar)

Pressure gauge display (bar)


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