Hafner 5/2 valves electrically pneumatic monostable


Hafner 5/2 valves electrically pneumatic monostable

Solenoid valve | monostable return air spring | with manual override | G series


Material: Housing: Aluminum, Gaskets: NBR, Pilot brass & stainless steel.

Temperature range: -10 ° C to max. + 60 ° C.

Medium: Oiled and un-oiled, filtered compressed air.

Switch-on time (at 5 bar): <25 ms.

Control voltage: Standard: 230V 50/60 HZ, 110V/50 HZ, 24V/50 Hz, 24V=, 12V=

Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.

Power consumption: Direct current: 3 W, Alternating current: 5 VA (50 HZ).


Monostable valves require a continuous control signal to switch the valve. If this control signal is lost, the valve switches to its rest position by means of spring force (air spring).


All valves are equipped with a magnetic coil and plug.


5-2 valves electric pneumatic monostable air spring diagramMH510501GMH510701GPlug size 1 (Industrial standard B), black.jpg



Orifice (DN) (L/min.)

Minimal pressure

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