Hafner 5/3 valves electric pneumatic bistable


Hafner 5/3 valves electric pneumatic bistable

Material: Body: Aluminum, Seals: NBR, Pilot brass & stainless steel. Slide stainless steel

Temperature range: -10 ° C to max. + 60 ° C.

Medium: Oiled and non-oiled, filtered compressed air.

Switch-on time (at 5 bar): <25 ms.

Control voltage: Standard: 230V 50/60 HZ, 110V/50 Hz, 24V/50 Hz, 24V=, 12V=

Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.

Power consumption: DC power: 3 W, AC power: 5 VA (50 HZ).


Bistable valves can be permanently switched by a short control signal. The valve remains in its position without a signal. The valve switches again by a control signal on the other side. A separate operation is therefore required for each position.



All valves are equipped with a solenoid coil and plug.


Hafner 5/3 valves electric pneumatic bistable5-3 valve electric pneumatic - open center position5-3 valve electric pneumatic - pressure medium position5/2 valves electric pneumatic monostable air springElektrisch betätigte 5/3 Ventile, Mitte geschlossenElectrically operated 5/3 valves, Press the middle positionElectrically operated 5/3 valves, open middle class


Gate 1

Orifice (DN) (mm)


Minimal pressure (bar)


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