NAMUR 5/3 valves

All valves are without solenoid coil and standard plug, which must be ordered separately.

NAMUR 5/3 valves with NAMUR interface


A 5/3 NAMUR valve is a pneumatic valve with a special connection pattern of the outputs of the valve. These outputs are normally the ports 2 and 4 of a valve.



Thanks to this standard you place the valve directly on the pneumatic actuator with the same NAMUR standard. Hoses and couplings between the valve and the actuator are therefore not required. The pneumatic actuator ensures the opening and closing of, for example, ball valves and butterfly valves.



After-hours is used as standard within the process industry or other industrial applications, such as in the pharmaceutical sector, in the chemical industry and in the food industry.



NAMUR means "Normen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Für Mess-Und Regelungstechniek". The connections are laid down in the VDI / VDE 3845 standard.



A 5/3 valve has 5 connection ports and 3 switching positions.


Compared to the 3/2 valve and the 5/2 valve, a 5/3 valve therefore has an extra position, the middle position. This is the position of the valve if it is not operated. The middle position can be closed, vented or aerated.


With a middle position you can stop the movement of, for example, a cylinder before the end of the stroke is reached. The other 2 positions ensure the outgoing or incoming stroke.


The electrically and air-controlled valves are monostable. They return to the middle position without being operated. The manual version often has a lock so that you can leave the valve in the chosen position.



All valves are equipped with a magnetic coil and standard plug.


Magnet valve without coilMagnet valve without coil2


Minimal pressure (bar)

Orifice (DN) (L/min.)

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