Pneumatically operated ball valve double acting 3-way max 30 bar


Pneumatically operated ball valve double acting 3-way max 30 bar

Single and double acting versions, spring-closing or spring-opening.

Actuators supplied as standard in aluminum.

Actuators available on request in plastic.

Supplied as standard with optical position indicator. Control medium compressed air or inert gases.

Flow direction bullet window A> B or B> A or B> C or C> B

Option: T-bore


Temperature range:

Environment: -20 ° C to + 80 ° C

Medium: -20 ° C to + 100 ° C (up to 180 ° C on request)



Seals ball: Teflon and Viton.

Ball valve: MSV

Acurator: Aluminum



Steering pressure Minimum 5.5 bar, maximum 10 bar

Medium pressure varying from vacuum to a maximum of 30 bar


Double acting MSV 3-way ball valve L-boreDouble acting MSV 3-way ball valve T-boreDouble acting MSV ball valve with gas thread drawing_ Drawing area 1Pneumatic ball valve T-L bore drawingDouble-acting stainless steel 3-way ball valve L-bore

Work pressure (PN) (bar)

Length (L) (mm)

Width mm. (B) (mm)

Height (H) (mm)

Female thread (G)


Orifice (DN) (mm)

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