Push-in fitings standard 3-16 mm IPS

Push-in fitings standard 3-16 mm IPS

Body: nickel-plated brass / PA 66, sleeve: PA 66 (M 3: nickel-plated steel / PA66), seal: NBR, holding claws: stainless steel, cartridge: Zinc-plated ZnDC (only silicone-free seals and lubricants are used during assembly) 

Temperature range: 
-20°C to max. +80°C 

Operating pressure: 
-0,95 to 20 bar 

Compressed air, neutral gases and water (water up to max 60° C may be used only after we have approved the performance specifications) 

•Wide variety of products, •extremely tight, •available with conical, PTFE-coated thread or with cylindrical thread and captive O-ring

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