Suction cups

Suction cups

Suction cups

If you are looking for suction cups, you are in the right place at Pneuparts. Our vacuum technology range includes suction cups in various materials including rubber, nitrile rubber and silicone, suitable for vacuum handling. If you are still not sure which suction cup is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is ready to assist you.

What are suction cups used for?

Vacuum suction cups are a widely used tool in various industries and applications. They are used to hold and move objects without the need for physical fasteners such as screws or clamps. A vacuum suction cup works on the principle of air pressure. By creating an airtight seal between the suction cup and the surface of the object, a vacuum can be created. This vacuum causes the suction cup to stick firmly to the object, allowing it to be lifted and moved safely.

Characteristics of suction cups

The main feature of a vacuum suction cup is its ability to create a strong suction force. This is achieved by creating a vacuum between the suction cup and the surface to which it is attached. This suction force ensures that the suction cup stays firmly in place and can lift or hold objects. Vacuum suction cups are very versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. For example, they can be used to lift glass plates, hold metal plates, move paper or even provide handles when lifting heavy objects. Also, suction cups are usually made of durable materials such as rubber or silicone.

Why choose suction cups at Pneuparts?

Pneuparts is an internationally oriented company specializing in the worldwide supply of over 100,000 pneumatic parts. However, supplying high-quality products is not enough for us. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can maintain their stock in a simple, convenient and efficient manner at a competitive, yet fair price. We are always ready to help you further. You can also contact us if you are looking for advice or have questions about air hoses or any of the other products in our wide range. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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