How do I choose the right air hose?

Air hose, compressed air hose, pneumatic hose, air tube. This very important part of any compressed air system has many names. Without a hose the air cannot be transported. It is therefore very important to choose the right material and the right diameter. We can help you with this.

What are you going to use the hose for?

Before we go into detail about the different types of materials and where they can best be used, it is important to ask yourself what you are going to use the hose for. Are environmental factors important? indoor/outdoor. What will the hose be used for? Where is the hose going to be placed, which path does it have to take? Air hoses can be roughly divided into four different types of material:

  • Polyurethane (PU) - This hose is both flexible and resistant to chemicals and temperatures.
  • Polyamide (PA) - Hoses made from this material can withstand high working pressures and temperatures.
  • Polyethylene (PE) - A durable and flexible hose resistant to chemicals.
  • PFTE/ PFA - This hose is used for FOOD applications and has a very wide temperature range

Functioning of the different materials

Polyurethane (PU) - Flexible and versatile

Our PU hose is the most common and versatile air hose. Its high flexibility makes it suitable for almost all industrial standard low pressure pneumatic applications. Polyurethane hose has excellent dimensional stability, a very small bending radius and good resistance to kinking, abrasion and high speeds. This Pneumatic PU Hose is easy to calibrate and therefore perfect to use in combination with Push-in fittings, but also push-on fittings or compression fittings are possible.
Temperature range: -35°C to +60°C.
Roll length: 25 and 100m.
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Polyamide (PA) - Robust, resistant to low temperatures and light
Polyamide hose has a chemical origin. PA is available in different variants PA 11, PA 12 and PA 6 are the most common. But also PA 6,6 and Nylon P10 belong to the possibilities. PA 12 is also available in an antistatic, fire-resistant or extra flex version. PA 12 is the standard and most common version. This hose is resistant to low temperatures and light. The raw material is produced according to DIN 73378/74324 with excellent properties against ageing, dimensionally stable at high temperatures and contains no plasticisers.
Temperature range: -60°C to +100°C.
Roll length: 50 and 100m
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Polyethylene (PE) - Wear-resistant, chemical resistant
Polyethylene air hose is available in two different types: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). LDPE is the most commonly used type. Both types are resistant to chemical substances. The HDPE has a larger bending radius and can withstand higher pressures. PE hoses are often used in the agricultural sector, where they are ideally suited.
Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C.
Roll length: 50 and 100m.
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PFTE/ PFA - Food, very high/low temperature resistant

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) hose
PTFE is often required for critical applications. For example in applications where resistance to high temperatures, chemical resistance and low friction are important. PTFE is not melt-processable, while all other fluoropolymers are. Standard PTFE cannot be used for injection moulding, blow moulding or vacuum forming (Moldflon can). PTFE is often used in the Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Semiconductor, Packaging & Food industries and other demanding industries. FDA approved.
Temperature range: -196°C to +260°C
Roll length: 25, 50 and 100m.
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Hose PFA (perfluoroalkoxy)
PFA is clear transparent with a light blue glow. PFA is often used when clarity, flexibility and a higher continuous working temperature are required. In the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries, PFA HP (High Purity) hoses are used for fluid handling applications that require an extremely low absorption level. FDA approved.
Temperature range: -196°C to +260°C
Roll length:50m.
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What diameter hose do I need?

Determining the right diameter stroke also depends on various factors. The diameter is generally given in inch measurements where the inside dimensions of the hose are indicated. When measuring and ordering the hose, please note whether you are measuring the inside or outside dimensions!
Below is a table of the most common sizes.

1 Inch = 25,4 mm

Flow shart

Below is a table with an indication of the flow compared to the hose diameter. Or use this calculator to calculate the flow resistance in the air tube.


Flow in l/min over 10 m tube

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