2/2 way solenoid valves made of brass - direct


2/2 way solenoid valves made of brass - direct

Pneuparts has a large selection of 2/2-way brass solenoid valves for every application. These are electric valves with 2 ports (inlet and outlet) and 2 switching positions (open or closed).


The solenoid valves are usually normally closed (voltage = open), so that the valve will close in the event of a power failure. They can also be normally open (voltage = close) or bi-stable (electrical pulse = switch).


Solenoid valves are generally suitable for gases and non-viscous liquids and are very sensitive to dirt particles.


Directly controlled models do not need a differential pressure to open (works from 0 bar). The solenoid attracts a ferromagnetic plunger. This will immediately open or close the passage.


The most common gate sizes are from 1/8 "to 2", but there are also solutions outside this range.


Note: the internal parts of the solenoid valve are made of different materials (usually stainless steel 430F for the plunger). Medium-sized valves have an additional membrane to shield these parts from the fluid. A solenoid valve is often chosen because of its good sealing properties, the fast response time of usually tenths to hundreds of milliseconds, the durability, reliability and a wide range of options.


The brass housing is suitable for water, air, oil or other neutral media. View our chemical resistance table to make sure that your housing and sealing material are suitable for your media.


Solenoid valve 2-2 brass direct G1-4Solenoid valve 2-2 brass semi-direct G3-8Solenoid valve 2-2 brass semi-direct G1-4Solenoid valve 2-2 brass semi-direct G1-2Solenoid valve 2-2 brass direct G1-8Solenoid valve 2-2 brass direct NC DMV22NC18FM230





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