Festo compact cylinder ADN


Festo compact cylinder ADN

Sensor slots on three sides for flush mounting of proximity sensors.

Piston rod with choice of male or female thread

Mounting option: Female thread and through-hole

Centring hole in the end cap matches centring pins ZBS

Magnet for contactless position sensing

Integrated cushioning for absorbing residual energy

More than the standard

- The compact cylinder series ADN/ AEN complies with the standard ISO 21287

- The ADN/AEN is distinguished by its compact design and broad area of application thanks to the large number of variants

- The variants can be configured according to individual needs thanks to the modular product system


- Integrated cushioning for absorbing residual energy

- Long service life thanks to exceptional cushioning characteristics and minimal friction factors


- Easy to mount with a comprehensive range of mounting accessories for just about every type of installation

- Highly flexible thanks to the wide range of variants

- Contactless position sensing using proximity sensors


Optimised manufacturing methods, patented technology and more than 40 years of experience in the field of cylinders make Festo and ADN/AEN a great team

Cushioning type P:

Mode of operation

- The drive is equipped with polymer flexible end-position cushioning


- Small loads

- Low speeds

- Small cushioning capacity


- No adjustment required

- Time-saving





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Festo compact cylinder ADNDrawing

Piston diameter ⌀ (mm)

Stroke (mm)

Work pressure (PN) (bar)


Piston rod thread (A)

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